Monster Crab Concentrate

Monster Crab Concentrate




This extremely strong crab flavour has an aroma that you will never ever forget. This super pungent essence has proved to be one of the most successful bait flavours ever used on the market. It is a notorious carp catching flavour. It is also particularly effective when used with Black Pepper oil.

Recommended inclusion levels for this concentrate are 3-10ml per kg base mix.The lower level comes through nicely and the high level comes through strong. We have actually tested this concentrate up to 20ml per kg base mix with excellent results.

For high attract pop ups we recommend adding up to 3ml per 1 egg mix.

This concentrate CAN NOT be added to the liquid egg neat, it must be added to the liquid pack first.

Please note: This is a strong flavour so a little goes a long way. Also we would not recommend using in the house as this one has a very very strong aroma.

All our concentrated flavours are of the highest grade/quality available on the market.

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1L, 500ml, 250ml, 125ml

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